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Review HQ Management for multi-locations & Franchises

HQ Multi-unit & Franchises

Gain a 30,000 ft view of your business reviews and reputation. Whether you have 10 locations or 100 locations, easily connect, sync and manage all locations from one simple dashboard.

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HQ Snapshot & Reputation Leaderboard

Top level view of all your locations

Filter, organize and group locations and gain insight on overall performance of their online reputation. Use the reputation leadership board to organize locations by review performance, shedding light on which locations are performing well and others that are underperforming. 

  • Average Ratings
  • Total Reviews
  • Reputation Leaderboard
  • Consolidated Ratings
  • Location Management
  • Map View

HQ Reviews

Monitor & Respond to Reviews across all locations

Just as you can monitor reviews for one location, you can monitor reviews for all locations consolidated in one timeline. Differentiate reviews via filtering or see the location tag that pull the location nickname into the review. Monitor and engage via the GMB Questions timeline across all locations.

  • Manage Reviews
  • Respond to Reviews
  • Manage Google Questions
  • Filter by location

HQ Review Automate

Automate the location review response

Managing multiple locations with multiple reviews pouring in each day can be challenging, it may make sense to setup review response automation. Saving you time when responding to common types of reviews. 

  • Location Based Auto-response
  • Star Rating Response
  • Template Review Responses

HQ Request Review Overview

Manage The Location Review Request

Gain oversight of the location review request pages and update the messaging of the review request for SMS and Email across all locations. Manage SMS and vanity numbers, issuing credits too locations.

HQ Analytics & Reports

View consolidated location review metrics

HQ analytics showcases everything from your locations, from sentiments summaries, campaign review metrics and request analytics. Measure you overall ratings whilst breaking down each review analysis per publisher and per filtered location. 

  • Average Ratings
  • Total Reviews
  • Sentiment Summary
  • Review Request Tracking
  • Review Volumes
  • Response Rates

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