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Just about every consumer searches online for you before visiting your restaurant. 85% of people trust reviews they read online as much as personal recommendations.

With Rannko, we will help your Restaurant monitor your brand across multiple platforms.

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Rannko is the affordable solution that saves your team valuable time when it comes to managing your brand & listening to customers. Whether your listings need updating, you need an automated review system or you're just looking for suggestions on how to improve your social media. Rannko improves your operations and helps you share positive experiences.

1 BILLION restaurant visitors are directly impacted by online marketing.

Whether it be looking at your website to see what your restaurant atmosphere is like, visiting Facebook or Twitter to look at photos of the meals you serve, or even searching for customer reviews from other visitors - they are taking control and judging your restaurant before they even get in the car. Can your digital presence drive them to your table?


Customize The Clients Journey

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"We LOVE this software because it's so easy to use and they're always adding new features and making it better. It does everything our clients need. Plus it's extremely affordable."

Dennis D - Digital Marketing Manager

Multi-unit & franchise Restaurants

Rannko HQ Dashboard

Rannko HQ offers a full HQ platform that will give you the 30,000-foot view of your locations reputation and overall online presence. Manage both coporate and franchisees. Start holding marketing managers and franchisees accountable through compliance of the messaging YOU approve. Act on accurate data and engage with your customers by location. Easily see how you locations are performing against one another and what information is being shared and what information is in sync.


Restaurant Digital Marketing Statistics

90 percent of guests research a restaurant online before dining—more than any other business type.

92 percent of consumers read restaurant reviews.

57 percent of those guests viewed restaurant websites before selecting where to dine.

77 percent prefer peer reviews versus critic reviews.

52 percent of all worldwide online traffic was generated through mobile phones, up from 50 percent in the previous year.

33 percent would never eat a restaurant with less than four stars.

Learn more important reputation and industry based statistics here


Encourage Your Clients to Share Their Joy & Keep Talking After The Meal.

Engage with your patrons that enjoyed your exquisite meals. Manage your digital reputation and follow up with customers that shared their dining experiences in real time with automated-responses. Or, login and custom-respond to your customers with ease on multiple platforms in one place.

Restaurant’s Core Data in Sync

The details about your restaurant are important to your patrons. Having accurate information wherever your restaurant is listed increases the chance that you’ll have a full dining room every night. PowerListings give you the capability to streamline brand efficiency by pushing hour updates, business photos, and more to 100+ listings through data integration.

Menus Change. Publish & Sync It!

Consumers are more and more prepared for the activities they engage in, even eating! Today, customers want to see your menu before they hop in the car, and head to your restaurant. Smart Menus allows you to manage and sync every drink and dish from one platform. These easy updates put your menu in the hands of your patrons quicker.

Put Your Restaurant Where Your Customers Are.

Stay active on the social channels that matter the most, without spending a lot of time better spent elsewhere. Develop a social media posting schedule that your customers can count on. Share and integrate your menu, new meal images, restaurant events, and special offers to get more and more patrons in for your dining experience.

As Told By The Experts

Struggling with your reviews? Your customers are your most important source of feedback.Reviews directly impact the way you appear online and how far up the search rankings in google.

Be Accessible
Today’s discriminating consumers can and will seek out reviews, whether or not you point them in that direction. Including a live review feed on your website and Facebook page indicates that you are trustworthy and confident in your work.
Be Honest Be Personable
Though it may feel counter-intuitive, you’re better off with a live review feed that includes some negativity than you are with a small collection of old (or worse, non-attributed, non-dated) reviews. People often feel intimated and overwhelmed with legal. Going that extra mile will help build your brand and gain there trust,
If someone posts a review, whether it be positive or not, address the review. Respond publicly and thank them for sharing their experience. It was surprising to see just how much patient satisfaction can increase—99%—following a negative review response.
Showcase Your Reviews
Include a live review tab or testimonials page, clients want to see how others feel about the services and products they received.

80% of Clients would leave you a review. You only have to ask.

Use Rannko to take control of your reputation — everywhere it matters.

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