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To put it simply. We Build Marketing Software that improves customer and business experiences.

We started out with an idea: How can we help business owners focus on their passion – and not worry about bringing in customers or managing reputation? Enter Rannko, the perfect marketing assistant that you don't have to add to your insurance plan!


The Innovations Behind the Brand.

Why did we create Rannko? Rannko was founded with the sole purpose to help businesses monitor, interact and engage with customers. We believe the three pillars of customer engagement are “Review & Reputation Management, PowerSync syndication management and Social Media. If a business manages to have full control of all 3, they are given the best chance of digital success.

First founded as a social platform coined by Jason Payne (founder) in 2015 after dealing with the frustrations of managing an agency that had multiple integrations required to manage clients ranging from 1 to 50 locations. The same questions were always raised, how can we generate more organic traffic… Rannko was the resulting platform that had a local first approach.

Our Mission

We're not just a software company, we're a business with marketing at our core. A solution-centric business with a passion to help businesses drive customer happiness.

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