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Agencies, Partners and Resellers alike operate on a higher level, they understand what brands, businesses, franchises, firms and everything in-between require to build a solid reputation! Use Rannko’s proven methods to deliver technology behind the strategy.

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Key Selling Features of Rannko

Agencies and corporations with multiple brands and accounts often find it difficult to maintain a consistence accurate online presence, couple that with managing multiple brands and accounts with multiple locations. Rannko simplifies these relationships giving you the agency or partner account the tools to manage these relationships.

  • Help local and multi location business manage their online reputation. 

  • Reputation management is the process of overseeing every factor that influences the public perception of your business.
  • Monitor reviews from 30+ digital partner sites, supporting all industries.
  • Quick start turn key Review Management solution. Start tracking what is said about the business in 5 minutes.

  • Improve your representation and rank higher in search organically. 

  • Start generating more positive reviews through Rannko’s campaign manager. 

  • Use Rannko Powerlisting and be the Knowledge Hub, then distribute this info claiming and verifying your listings across 70+ third-party listing sites. 

  • Managing all the facts about your business so that information shows up correctly everywhere customers might seek answers (e.g., Google Q&A, via voice assistants like Amazon Alexa, and of course, in search engine results).

  • Gain a deeper understanding of where your customer are finding you and what they are saying.

  • Use Rannko’s Social Media tool to find content, create postings quest and share across multiple social media accounts.

Agency Tools to Help You Grow

You know the product, now how to leverage these products to build an awesome network of accounts.

Agency Metrics

Monitor your agencies health, tracking business count, location count, business growth and plan growth.


Business Manager

See the businesses you manage, add and remove businesses and locations, and login to the business to manage the products you have subscribed them too.

User Management

Ultimate control, unlimited users and agency users are the 3 key benefits of agency user tools. You can create your clients own logins, and limit who you would like to grant access too. If you have internal staff, add them to your agency plan.


Business Health

We know its hard enough running an agency or multiple brands! this is why we built this nifty little tool that grabs all the most vital data for the business and their locations. Tracking monthly review averages, overall public perception, website click, phone call and more…

This way, if you see something a miss you can quickly and accurately get a 10,000 foot view of the account.

White Labeling

Yes, we do this too. Update the Logo to showcase your own brand when you clients log in. However just to note, there will be places within the app where the term Rannko may be found.


Marketing Lead / Scan Page

We want to help you build more business, for this reason we built agencies the same scan page we use for lead generation. All your leads flow into one centralized list for you to reach out and close the deal.

This lead scan page is white labelled and offered to Agency Private White Label Only.

80% of Clients would leave you a review if only asked. Take control of your reputation everywhere it matters.

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