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Review Generation

If we don’t ask, we don’t receive, well… Some of the time! Request new reviews with Rannko’s review generation tools. Simply share your customized review request landing page via SMS, email or widgets and start seeing new reviews populate your feed! 

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Requesting Reviews

Easily request & collect new reviews.

Send review requests via SMS, Email, Opt-in kiosks, Social Sharing, widgets and on your publish requests on your websites, better yet it’s automated. When it comes to finding new and simple ways to collect a review, we have you covered. 

  • Simple CRM (Customer Relationship Manager)
  • SMS Review Request
  • Email Review Request
  • Email Widgets
  • Review Landing Page
  • Sentiment analysis review generation
  • Opt-In Kiosk Review Generation
  • Vanity SMS Number
  • SMS and Email Templates

Review Landing Page

Capture reviews with a review landing page.

Fully customize your review request page and optimize your messaging for success. The review request page is responsive, so looks great on customers mobile devices. 

  • Review Landing Page
  • Opt-in Landing Page
  • Custom Conditional Messaging
  • Choose what platforms to share
  • Sentiment Review Request
  • Thumbs, Stars, NPS, Emojis

Campaign Manager

Automate review requests & build custom sequences

Build your own review request sequences and automate the entire journey of the customer. Track bound rates, review received and unsubscribed rates and hone in your request messaging. 

  • Custom Sending Schedule
  • Email & SMS Automation
  • Campaign Analytics
  • CRM management
  • Campaign Sentiment Review Request

Customer Management

Bulk import & manage your contacts

A very simple CRM that holds three key pieces of information, name, number and email address. Choose to bulk import your contacts or add them one by one. 

  • Customer Review Status
  • Add to campaigns
  • Opt-in page integration

80% of Clients would leave you a review. You only have to ask.

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