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#1 Review & Reputation Software for TirePros

Rannko Connects with TirePros!

Rannko partners with TireShop POS provider to bring a fully autonomous review generation platform for your Tire Shop. Better yet, we help connect, monitor, generate and put your business on the map with Review & PowerSync Combined.

* 7 Day Free Trial. No Contracts. Cancel Anytime.


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Connect Review Sites

Connect Google & other review sites to your business via the Connectivity Tab

Conntect Your POS

Rannko has a one-to-one relationship with TireShop POS. Connect Via our CRM Connect tab and generate your POS credentials.


With your account setup, you can now monitor, respond and generated reviews autonomously.

Powerfully wonderful.
Wonderfully simple.

Rannko offers a full stack of software for Review, reputation management, digital presence & social media. Powerful alone — even better when used together.

TirePro Customer Journey

To compliment your service, we look at integrating Rannko at the "opportunity" stage. Pre Sale : Customer Acquisition & Post Sale : Customer Review Feedback


Generate Review Requests Automatically From Your Checkout Point of Sale

Monitor, Respond & Publish On Your Website.


Generate Review Requests Automatically From Your Point of Sale

Monitor, Respond & Publish On Your Website.


Take control of your Tire Shop reputation everywhere it matters.

Who should use Rannko?
We created Rannko for anyone who owns, runs or manages a brick & mortar business. Regardless of your computer skills or how many locations you have, you can be up and running in as little as 5 minutes. Or for multi unit businesses, our on-boarding team can get you going the same day.
What is Reputation Management?
Reputation management is how your brand appears online and offline. Your customers can make or break your business. It's our job to give you the tools you need to help make and maintain a great online presence.
What is included in the free trial?
7 Days of Free use of Review Management, PowerListings, Meerkat Social, Smart Menus, Web Analysis, Task Manager & Reports. This is our PRO DELUXE package. The Synchronization of listing data is not available during trial period. To activate your syncing, please select "End My Trial" in the header.
Is the free trial really free?
Yes. It’s completely free; a credit card required to begin trial.
Are there any contracts?
No, Rannko does not tie you into any short term or long terms contracts. We believe in complete and utter transparency!
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